Workforce Development

Center for Customized Training

Since 1997, Southern California businesses have benefited from exceptional employee training offered by the Center for Customized Training at El Camino College.

Training for Your Employees

Working with you, the Center for Customized Training will tailor courses to meet your objectives.

  • Years of industry experience
  • Unparalleled reputations
  • Outstanding industry credentials and certifications
  • Excellent client recommendations
  • Demonstrated ability to teach adult learners

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Employment Training Panel

The California Community Colleges and the Employment Training Panel (ETP) work together to provide businesses across the state with no-cost training that is designed to increase efficiencies, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.

The California Community Colleges deliver a wide variety of ETP-funded employee training programs including:

  • Business Skills
  • Commercial Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Continuous Improvement Skills
  • Green/Clean Skills
  • Hazardous Materials Skills
  • Literacy Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Manufacturing Skills

ETP’s long-standing partnerships with community colleges across the state are critical to reaching employers and providing quality job training.”

Stewart Knox, Executive Director, the Employment Training Panel

Would you like to receive high quality, customized employee training subsidized by ETP funding? We are experienced at securing funding on behalf of our clients. We will handle all the administrative processes including your application, contracts, ETP monitoring, and reimbursement of funds—and we will deliver the training program that fits your business needs and goals. All you need to do is send your employees to training!

Workforce Development FAQ

What Every Employer Should Know About the Services Provided by The Business Training Center’s Workforce Development Division

What is Workforce Development’s Mission?

The mission of our Workforce Development Division is to help local and regional employers meet their strategic goals of staying competitive, increasing productivity, and retaining highly skilled employees. We realize this mission by collaborating with businesses and government agencies to deliver responsive, workplace education and customized training programs that enhance the job skills and organizational commitment of employees.

Business Training CenterWhy Should I Consider The Business Training Center at El Camino College as a Solution Provider for Customized Workplace Education and Training?

Resources: We can leverage a vast network of subject matter experts, educators, and consulting professionals to deliver employee training programs that get results.

Agility: The Business Training Center’s Workforce Development Division is an agile, entrepreneurial unit that can quickly develop customized employee training solutions that meet your organization’s strategic business goals.

Access to Outstanding Trainers: You can expect results from our trainers who engage employees with relevant information, practical techniques, and industry examples. Our team of expert training professionals have years of industry experience coupled with unparalleled reputations, outstanding industry credentials and certifications, excellent client recommendations, and demonstrated ability to teach adult learners.

Funding: Our Workforce Development Division is a tremendous resource to help you find grants and funding sources that can help offset the cost of employee training programs. We are adept at securing and administer Employment Training Panel (ETP) funding— the state’s premier program that reimburses employers for the cost of training incumbent workers—on behalf of your organization. ETP programs help ensure that California businesses have the skilled workers they need to remain competitive in a global economy. Contact us to see if your business if eligible for ETP funding.

What Types of Employee Training Does Workforce Development Deliver?

Because of our vast resources and highly experienced subject matter experts, we can deliver training programs to any level of staff, from entry level to the “C” Suite. Our customized training programs range from advanced manufacturing, logistics, leadership development, computer applications, to customer service. By working in partnership with us, we can manage the critical resources required to quickly develop and deliver the training programs you need.

We offer fee-based, not-for-credit training programs, consulting, and technical services. We can assist you with applying for and administering state funding (ETP) that offsets the cost of training programs. Contact us for more information.

Where and When Is Training Delivered?

Customized employee training programs can be wherever it benefits your company and employees—on campus at the college or onsite at your facilities. We will work with you to deliver training programs at times that are optimal for your employees and your businesses’ production schedule.

Can Training Be Delivered to Organizations That Have Multiple Locations Across the State?

Yes. Because we are members of the California Community College Contract Education Collaborative (CCCCEC), we can leverage the workplace-specific training curriculum, subject matter experts, and training facilities of multiple community colleges to deliver a consistent, seamless employee training solution to organizations that have several locations across the state. Learn more about the California Community College Contract Education Collaborative.