New Course Offerings

The El Camino College Business Training Center is pleased to announce the rollout of our new online course system designed to assist business & industry in upskilling their workforce. Employers can now enroll their employees in a variety of courses, pay by credit card or pre-qualify for our California Employment Training Panel (ETP) program to help offset the costs! To learn if you qualify, visit our website and scroll to the section on ETP.

For all Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Soldiers, your registration process will be different according to Army regulations.  You can view the course content on this page; however, you will need to receive a quote and submit to the Army first prior to enrolling.  Once approved, you will receive instructions where to officially enroll.  Please click on to learn more. 

This new online program is designed for the smaller to medium size employer who only have a few employees to train (1 to 10). Of course, we will always continue providing employers with the option of designing courses specific to their company employees. For employees who want to expand their skillsets, they too can enroll in these courses by paying by credit card.

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